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2004-09-04 16:53:43 (UTC)

9.4.04 The Game

I'm Alix Coupet.
Wow, pardon me, but that is a really sexy
sentence. Today is Monday morning, and yesterday night, I
spent 3 to four hours in the company of all the HS friends
at the football game. Ahhh, the smell of grass and
frankfurters with 11% real beef..the sounds of our
sophomore and varsity teams being killed by Naperville. A
good day? You be the judge!
Dan the Man with the Plan came to pick me up from
18854 Queens Road at about 7:10 with Nick (not Nick the
Quick, the Other Nick) and we head off to H-F for the
football game. $2 to get in, whatever. Haha the misfortune
to it all is that we got there really early...only ppl
there other than parents were Dana and Amanda, so we say hi
and discuss, and sit there, feeling almost naked at the
emptiness. Things would become crowded soon, though, and
much more dramatic.
"Lah" calls me like 15 minutes after Dan, Nick, and I
arrive, and she's walkin to the entrance. So I leave Dan,
Nick, and a couple other fellas to meet her there. Before I
get to the fence, something unpredictable happened...I did
not see it coming, no, not at all.
Alex Davis. -LEX-. I saw her first, and I noticed
she was in a group. Don't get me wrong, reader, Alex is a
wonderful person. I enjoy "her company", and she always has
something interesting to say. But, if I may say so, it was
not "her company" in the sense of me being around her that
bothered was, quite literally, "her company": the
people Lex was around, that was troubling me.
Let me now take a moment to tell you a bit about
me, Alix Coupet. I can smell people, and sense drama. I can
slow down time when I have a feeling of even slight
eerieness, and I found that technique to be appropriate
right there.
I had, at that moment, detected a scent. I smelled
Drama in my nostrils...It was after I laid eyes on Alix
that my mind, so state of the art, stepped like 30 minutes
ahead of itself. I didn't even have to look to my left to
know that Mr. Caleb was in my presence, the ex of my
current, diagnosed in my mind as a "master manipulator"
Now, reader, I dare remind you again that I am Alix
Coupet. I just kept walking, but Lex had already seen
me...she came over to's been months since I've
seen her, mind you, and she looks real healthy. I was happy
to see her, but my mind really wasn't there, ya know. It
was in the future, thinking of what would happen...
anyway, after greeting alex, I went over to meet Lah
at the gate...I told her about the Arrival of Lex and
Caleb. She said she knew they were here. That was
alright...we went to find a seat, and just had a general
good time with each other...Fun. Not to mention that I saw
countless amounts of friends was good to be
Nothing big really happened, I guess. There was a
point, though, in which this guy who I'll call Milton, who
I thought was serving as ambassador to Caleb, comes up and
asks Lah all these which point, random guy
I'm standing next to says "You gonna let him just talk to
your girl like that?"
I hate it when people who dont know anything about
the situation have something to say...I really really hate
that. I'll hurt someone for that. It makes me uncomfortable
and really angry..but I'm bigger than those with ignorant
tongues, right?
Anyway, that was it, basically. Well, there's more,
but I mean since my diary here is now more of an online
read-along, I think I've said enough. I know the day did
not end in a bang or anything, so I'll try to list 40
people I saw and greeted at the game:

Dan S. Akilah "Lah" T. Matt J.
Nick F. Jeff W. Matt S.
Dana R. Jeff W.'s girlfriend Jay H.
Amanda W. Everett J. Adnan H.
Rehan H. Dan Se. Marcus W.
Nick "TQ" A. Jesse F. Sherod H.
Alex D. Nolan M. Nicole C.
Jennifer F. "Vanessa" Bridget G.
Mark H. Ashley B. James T.
Sarah L. Sara T. Brandon B.
Lauren N. Troiani Thea J.
Anne L. Ari W. Elfner!
Seun A. Deserae B. Will B.
Eliz B.

I saw more, but I said I'd name 40, so...hehe that's it