2004-09-04 14:28:03 (UTC)

Hints of Autumn

I've begun to see hints of autumn. A few leaves on the
birch trees in the backyard have changed color. There was a
bit of fog early this morning. I've heard geese honking as
they leave to spend the winter in a warmer clime. The
temperatures are a little cooler; we may see a few more days
where the highs reach the 90's but not many. School has
begun. There's some coolness in the evening breeze which
wasn't there before. I've added the blanket back to the bed
covers. When I add the down comforter and an extra quilt at
the foot of the bed I'll know autumn is truly here.

Today I'll begin putting up my autumn decorations. I'll
leave some of the patriotic ones up until election day.
I've updated my list of books read (see February 19th entry
"2004/Books I've Read (Updated Monthly)" )to include
those read in August. I've read 100 books so far this year.