Screaming Cathedrals
2001-10-09 12:52:52 (UTC)


Well... I went to sleep yesterday.. at about 3pm - 8pm..
something like that.. I don't remember.. but... I failed
in my attempt to defy sleep.. but.. I wont today.. I
haven't gone to sleep yet.. ha!
I spit on you, sleep!
So.. it's 8:47am.. and I'm wondering what else I can do on
my computer.. and I remember.. "Hey!... I didn't update my
journal today!"... so.. that's what I'm doing.

Jon got ICQ and mIRC tonight... last night.. whatever..
hehe.. so yay.. now I get to talk to him all the time.
I told my sister about him.. and she remembered meeting
him.. she thinks he's hot... which.. she never said about
any of my past boyfriends.. so.. point 1 in Jon's corner
for winning the approval of my family.

I don't really care that much if they approve or not.. but
it would make it much easier for both parties if they do..
and Mike never made an attempt to get along with my
family.. which bothered me.. because I love my family...
and it's hard to maintain a relationship with your family
when your love interest doesn't get along with them.

My mom thinks Jon is much nicer than any past guys.. but
she's holding off on making any oppinions just yet because
she hasn't talked to him enough... she did make him eat a
bunch of her food the other day... which means she has to
at least semi-like him... my mom has a thing about making
people eat.. lol.. she used to be a cook.

The IHOP people rawk.. it gets pretty bad when that's the
high point of your day... going to IHOP.. lmao.. but it is.
Like.. I have about 14 hours until I'll get to go there..
hehe.. because I have to close at work today.. so.. that
kinda sucks. Chris really cracks me up I don't think I've
laughed this much in a long time...... and ID is just too
freaking nice... it's scary... and.. hehe.. it's great.

They're probably reading this... *waves* I don't think
anyone really makes it a point to keep up with reading my
journal.. not even me.. hah... but.. they do.. and that's
neato.. at least I have an audience now..