chevs life
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2004-09-02 07:38:35 (UTC)

Ack Whew Poo!

I have many mixed emotions right at this moment. So I'll
start with the happy side. My summer was great!!! My job
was really really cool even though I had to work with
kids. I think my French got better even though there they
speak "Quebecois" not French (I was told that several
times). I made alot of really cool friends there who I
hope I'll stay in touch with. My host family was just
awesome. I wish my real family was like they were. I
didn't even mind having little brothers... in fact that
was the best part. I liked both of them so much. Yep yep,
plenty of pictures to show everyone for sure now.

Now I'm having a confuzzled night at the moment. The
question is do you tell someone a little white lie or do
you tell them the truth that you know will REALLY hurt
them. I'm seriously torn cuz I kinda had to make that
decision tonight. I'm not a great liar either (I forget
when I lie so eventually I just slip up) so I obviously
bugged that up. I don't know what to do now because
someone is now mad at me for my little slip up. And you
know what? The silent treatment is truly the WORST thing
anyone has to be put through. Well unless they really
really really deserve it, of course. So now I'm in crap
but I don't really think I made the wrong choice. I think
it's better to see someone mad at you rather than have
them super upset from something else. But I still feel
really poooooey. Damn, life sucks. OH well. I'm done for