Nick's Journal
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2004-09-02 00:58:23 (UTC)

Believe it or not, I'm employed

so i finally found a job. i got a paralegal position at a
big law firm in a major city. thank you jesus. aside from
that it's been pretty hectic lately. yet not so hectic
that i can't appreciate the finer things in life. like for
example, my supervisor.
she's this very kindly southern-like black lady (about 60
some years old), she speaks in this soothing almost whisper
of a voice. the first time i spoke to her i thought that
she was going to invite me into her office for some
cornbread. yet beneath this soft outer layer, lies an
inner fury.
some guys that were supposed to pick up the documents we
had filed to scan them, came in the other day letting her
know that their company had mistakenly lost all of their
data. now i don't know how a company that works with data
warehousing doesn't have back up, but here was the convo.
"we lost your data, but we'll have it for you by monday."
"excuse me? did you say that you are going to delay my
project because you are incompetent?"
"well ma'am we had a problem with the system, and uh,
we're, ummm, as you can see in your agreement not really
liable for this sort of occurence."
"did you just use a legal term? did you just say 'liable',
you wanna bring legal issues into play here? do you know
who your client is? we'll crush you so badly you'd have
trouble working in our cafeteria! ain't you da boss?"
"eh, no, that would be mr. william, he's out of the office
right now, but..."
"well the way you was struttin' around here coupla' days
ago, sure made it seem like you was da boss, i guesss that
changes once shit goes wrong, huh?"
"ummm, yeah, well we're really sorry we'll get it to you by
"listen he'ah, you are gonna git me my documents tomorrow,
or else i will put a hurtin' on you and your entire 'team'
(at this point she made an elaborate circle) so bad, that
you won't know your ass from your keyboard!"
nick has found a new hero. and she weighs 100 lbs.