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2004-09-01 23:08:37 (UTC)

9.1.04 As I Destroy and Rebuild

I dont know what I am destroying, or, for that matter,
what I am rebuilding. As any Christian should know, all of
life should be that of destroying and rebuilding, right?
Akilah took me home for the second time in the first
couple weeks of school. We left for my house at 3:08, she
left my neighborhood at 4:55. For that hour and forty
something minutes, we just hung out and drove around and
stuff...having fun and getting to know eachother better...
this morning was weird for me because last night I
said something on the phone to 'kilah that I shouldn ot
have said and so I felt horrible. Thruout the day, though,
I began to feel better, as classes got gooder (gooder is a
word, its in a dictionary). Mr. Coates, the attractive Econ
teacher (say wat you want. yes, he's a guy) gave me a
compliment! He went out of his way to tell me that he
really liked my arguments on this socialist agree-disagree
sheet. in my brain i was like "whoa he cant be talkin to
me" and so i say "ME?!" in this girly woman voice and hes
like "Yeah, you really did a good job using logic...I like

Again: "Yeah, you really did a good job using logic...I
like that."
WHAT? Logic? Alix Pontz Coupet, the notoriously
abstract thinker, used logic? That's unnlike me. I usually
do miserably in classes that require logic... I admit that
for a while there I was kind of gushing, hehe. He likes my
(I'm not gay)
And I recieved 7 messages on my last entry...I dont know
what made it so interesting. Thanks to all of you who leave
the I just kind of feel like this is
becoming more of a magazine than it is a diary. That's
alright tho, I love the feedback.
I'm home right now, just saw my girl, and well
rested and I dont have any homework. This may be the best
day of my school year sofar I love you all....BlockSmasha
fa Life, even though you all are like in college. Except
Rod. And P Squared.

Pontz 'O'