Ode to a psycho!HA!
2004-09-01 20:14:30 (UTC)

What happened to this boy? Why can't he say these things now?

Remember the first time I sent you feedback? You kept
telling me to and I think it took me about a week to
actually do it. I told you that you shouldn't be sad, and
I'm still sticking to that, even though I'm pretty sure
you're not as sad anymore. I figured it's been a while, a
long while, since I've sent you some feedback. I just felt
like sending it. I could've sent you a regular email, but
I was looking at your journal, so I figured this would
save me about one or two extra clicks. Did I ever tell you
that I love you with all of my heart? This much even.
You're the brightest star in my sky, and let's not think
about either of us ever leaving one another. Muah! Love
you Melody Fallon.

P.S. I'm sailing away!

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