listen to my silences
2004-09-01 19:45:05 (UTC)

space filler

we went to see agent zero on monday night. it was
awesome. i highly recommend it to anyone.

yesterday i had to write a sociology paper. it had to be
a personal experience and how, using the sociological
imagination, it is a public issue. i bet you can guess
what i wrote it on...

jake helped me figure out what order to put everything
in. i like to have someone objective look at what i write
to make sure that it makes sense. he read it and was
basically completely passive about it. i think he was
afraid to tell me if something was wrong. i hope it
wasn't because he didn't tell me if it was, so it's still
a mistake on my paper. he did tell me i should be a
writer, which meant a lot to me.

in csci today we had to do a "big project". it took me
exactly ten minutes, including print time. this is almost
as ridiculous a class as the freshman orientation one i
had to take at uofl. oh well. lets me do some of my
homework and catch things up online when i might not be
able to any other time. it is stupid though. i can type
sixty words a minute plus, and that's only if i have to
think about what i'm writing. if i'm just copying
something from paper to screen, i'm even faster. and
there are people in here that don't even know how to turn
a computer on. this class is for them. not me. and i
don't think it should be required. or if it is, you
should be able to test out of it. i'm glad attendance
isn't required. not that i won't be here because it's in
between classes, but it means that i don't have to
actually be in class or if i am i don't have to pay

okay i'm done complaining for now. got it all out of my

brodie and i went and had lunch at mcdonald's (or mac
donald's as he calls it) today. fun times as always.

jake's supposed to be moving into his house today,
depending on how late he has to work. i'm going over to
help him once classes are over. i have to work all day
tomorrow and friday and then all of saturday morning and
afternoon. then i'm off sunday, monday, and tuesday from
work and school. i don't know how i managed to get labor
day off, but i'm excited. it works out because either way
i'd be getting paid four hours of holiday pay. this way i
get it and i don't have to work. granted, i'll be doing
my homework all day and night, but i don't have to, that's
the good thing.

okay, i'm rambling now so i'm going to go ahead and go to
my sociology class. we had donuts last time. it was
awesome. this time, there's no such luck. warm
classroom, monotone voice, no can see where
this is leading...

final thought:all i want is to save you, or the strength
to walk away.