Used n Abused
2004-09-01 16:10:17 (UTC)

trouble again

Ok so it seems i can't ever go on a couple months without
getting in trouble. Basically from people telling on me.
This time innocent! I wasn't doing nothing bad. But ohwell
As everyone in my family beleives ALL GIRLS ARE FUCKING NO
GOOD LIARS. So i guess it really doesn't matter what i say.
My dad already said that. So im going to Houston. Hoping it
will be fun,but now i don't think it will that much
fun.I'll be torchered by dad . So it'll suck
assssssssssssssssssssssss.. But i Hope I GET TO SEE
JESSIE!!! i better or i will be very madddddddd and i
better get to stay at charitys. but yea. Well im bored and
im gonna go! oxoxoxo Bye BYe MWaZz God BLeSs