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2004-08-30 21:56:20 (UTC)

8.30.04 Yup.

Akilah just dropped me home. I dont like that at all,
man. I dont like relying on other people for rides home,
let alone busy girls. I mean not that I'm a shovenist of
anything, it's just that traditionally in my family the guy
always drives. So of course I found myself unusually
uncomfortable in the passenger seat of a car with my girl
behind the wheel, the cute little soccer ball reflecting
off my rear-view. i didn't like that at all. i mean, do not
get me wrong, reader, I enjoy spending time with her, but
not at the expense of my pride, if you can call it that. I
guess in today's liberal world, I'm one of the few people
who considers getting rides home from a girl to be"devastating" is too strong a word
ill say "-devastating" with a nice little minus sign next
to it.
today was a good day. it took me until senior year to
realize this, i guess, but things run 10000% smoother at
school when your homework is done. Why didnt anyone tell me
that? Do you know how many times my parents have asked me
if my homework was done, ever? Like 10. Once in each year
on lik the first day. I've always been fully self-motivated
(not that I am motivated, not by anyone's
definition). I think I will try to continue to do my
homework daily, because I dont feel as sleepy during the
class and it requires a lot less acting. So that's one of
my goals! I'd say in previous years, I got about 30% of my
homework done before it was due. This year, I'll shoot for
60%. I dont know how important it is, senior year that is,
but I guess I should be polishin up on the ol' work ethic
for college anyway.
frankly, reader, I am a little frightened that I wont
like my college. I mean, I can kind of see myself fitting
in more at a smaller school...but I have to really do a
lot of hands on research I guess, because I'm a little
afraid of being stuck around conservative people. Not only
that, but just mean people. A friend of mine has told me
frightening stories about Purdue, which I thought couldnt
be bad because of its size. But I mean if she has bad
stories for Purdue, imagine how mad it could be if I went
to a smaller school (which I probably will.) College is
such a lifestyle changer. It should be interesting. But
it's 4:55 PM, past my naptime, so I'm gonna call it a day.
Take it easy.