goddess of imaginary light
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2004-08-30 07:13:18 (UTC)

i wonder

i really like him, really liked him...things happened
between us
but he wasnt wanting a relationship, he liked me, liked
being with me, but thats where it would stay
i was sick of just hooking up, i missed intimacy of
knowing someone so closely, intensely....
i became bitter and didnt speak to randomn
meetings we spoke,somewhat akward but things were still
he came to me and we talked
he seemed to have moved on, changed his mind, wants
more...with me...i couldnt ask for anything i wanted more
but how can i trust it...i cant ever trust anyone...
i wont pick up where we left he crawling back
becasue i seem oblivious to him now...wanting what he
could no longer have...
he confuses me...i want this but i dont know how to get it
were his feelings drawn out by do i move
it do we get started...
i just dont know