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2004-08-29 23:07:57 (UTC)

It's been a long time, baby!

Well, I've been out of college for going on 3 years now.
I'm teaching high school instrumental & choral music at
Salem High School. My first year out of school I taught in
the Collingswood School District and hated it. I'm at a
happy place in my life and am seeing things very clearly.

After years of uncertainty, Bryan and I have just recently
reconnected and have cleared the air between us. I am
hoping that we can become friendly again and that we can
reconnect on a more adult level and be able to maintain
what we build.

I'm living with Marisa which is wonderful. We get along
really well and have lots of fun together as well. Lately
though I've had some issues. Since I have recently come
back into contact with Bryan, I am understanding that
Marisa is not a forgiving person and that she can talk and
hang out with Pat (who cheated on her) but not talk to
Bryan (who broke up with her in high school). I don't get
it and I probably never will. This puts me in a rough spot
though since I am trying to reconnect with Bryan and what
happens if I want to hang out with him, or if I invite him's not going to be a pretty sight.

I love Salem! I love the people I work with and am
currently getting ready to start the next school year. I
have started grad school for guidance counseling.

I am just at a very good place in my life where I can enjoy
myself and love what I do!