The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-08-29 20:01:02 (UTC)

8.29.04 Less is More!

haha I dont really know if less is more, I just watched
TV though and they played that "less is more" commercial,
so it became ...i dunno....worthy of a title.
today is the 29th, the first Killer Sunday. Killer
Sunday in the Coupet household is perhaps the most
stressful day of the week. It's always the Sunday when its
the last day of the weekend break from school and the day
before school restarts. Eh, this one isnt so bad, because
I'm kind of enjoying school and I did all my homework
(rare) so Monday really cant be a bad day. I guess I
shouldnt say that...but usually my Monday woes are caused
by homework not being done....
The weekend would have been 5/10 if my, what, 2
full years of singleness (it's been exactly two
years...8/29/02 i broke up with my last g/f...well she
broke up with me, but thats not the point) did not
officially end. My status as of now is "taken", and since
this is my journal and I am honest, I am pretty sure that's
a good thing....Ms. Alix is funny and pretty
and deep and all that other stuff that I guess I look for
in girls...most importantly, we've known each other for
what I think is four years, and it wouldn't be the first
time that we'd be going together. we did it back in 8th this is try number two I guess. Wish me luck,
In 8th grade I remember askin her out after play
practice when I casually smacked Bridget Gannon upside the
head as I made my move. heh....this time, I guess partly to
prevent injury to anyone, I did it online...kind of girly?
nah I wouldnt say that. I'm BigAL, and we do things my way.
heh if youre a girl whos ever been in a relationship
with me, you know that that isnt by any means true. oh, i
gotta go, my download's done. I'll come back and finish

And those who read for my profound issues, ill drop another
one by your shortly....I kind of wanted to spend at least
most of an entry writing about that's it. Take
it easy, and remember:
be yourself, cause you might find yourself by
yourself by yourself, and that's no fun

God Bless