2004-08-29 06:05:02 (UTC)


im baaaaaaak *scary lil voice* whats uuuuuup? nm i jus
worked out how awsome is that,me & my short ass! ne
who,yaaaa guess wut! i saw my friend greg that i havent
seen in 1 year! he came to my house & picked me up & we
went to chuckie cheez! so freakin awsome! we met my old
friend carissa there, i havent seen her in wow along time!
she had to dance to the happy birthday song & yaaa we got a
pic! after,she gave us 100 tokens,what the shit! the games
there are so boring! but o well we got tickets then got
alota candy..i go sit down & all of a sudden i see darcy
goin in the play pin thingy i was liek wtf lol..hung out,me
& her wanted 2 dance in front of the camera but the kids
scared the shit outa me!i got this candy poder stuff & i
couldnt open it,darcy tried & all of a sudden pshh it
explodes all over us! jeez! after that carissa introduces
her fiance to me & greg..he was kool..after we had to leave
cuz it was gettin kinda late,so we go outside & talked 2
carissa & took pix! i hate those!we left & hes blastin
music,about vaginas! wtf! i changed it! fucker!lol..we went
to burger king cuz we had to go pee soooo bad! wanted sum
food but nikki wasnt there that beoch! that was my night,i
had fun!howz like 4 u? stau pimpin like jimpin what ever
the hell that iz!