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2004-08-29 03:55:33 (UTC)

8.28.04 Again, I Return From a Long Break

....and unlike the former long breaks that I kind of
did during summer, a lot has changed for this guy here. Ya
know, during summer, I'd have to use words writing about
how there was less sun one day than the next, and what a
bad job I was doing of taking care of myself......

BUT NOW SCHOOOOOL IS BACK! and for the first time since
(*thinks back*), well, forever, it's kind of exciting.
Before I go into detail about what school is like, I ask
you, if you are a girl belonging to the class of '05, to
not take offense.
Well, to begin with, it seems like the senior girls
are so ridiculously singleand DESPARATE! Is it just me? Did
I buy really
good-looking scchool clothes this year? lol call me vain
but i like to think that is what it is (i know deep down
inside it isnt). Either way, I feel like I am on top of the
Of course, there is more to feeling on top of the
world than girls(took me
several years to realize this.) . i'm liking all my
classes....everyone was tellin me econ would be hard...and
it might be, but im just gonna do the reading or put up and
shut up...not to mention the fact that my econ teacher, mr.
coates, is a pretty attractive guy (i say that with an
unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality!) likin
all my teachers, I feel cool, calm and collective....what
more could I ask for?
any semi-avid reader of my journal knows how all
things spiral into being about girls, and this will be
exectued no
differently. My singleness is kind of vanishing...whereas a
week ago, i'd roughly say I was....ehhhh, 100% now id say I'm like 11%...and even of the 11%
of masculine individualism that I have managed to hold on
to, there seems to be several people who think I am not
single...i mean technically I am...that's all I will speak
on the matter for now. I'm happy.
What else? what else? It's been too long since an
update for me to go into detail about things written in
former I am gonna hang em up right about
here....BIG AL, UP N OUT!