Best Left Unspoken
2004-08-28 20:36:12 (UTC)

Deadly Descisions Chapter 5

I wasn't completely aware of how Riley seemed to change
as Kyle and I continued to date each other. Riley tried to
avoid being around me when I was with Kyle. I knew that
Riley was trying to tell me something, but seemed
interupted by Kyle every time he tried.
That is until the day that I could never forget. I'm
not sure anyone could. It was after a football game that
Chandra was found dead floating down the river in her
cheerleading uniform. She was shot in the head with a semi
automatic. That's when Riley was more suspicous of Kyle
than ever.
Less than I week later I was sitting in my window sill
again and Riley walked up my yard and under my window.
"I need to talk to you. Can I go up to your room?"
Riley asked.
"Sure, the door's unlocked," I said while waiting for
him still sitting in the window sill.
I listened to his footsteps as he walked up the steps.
Thump. Thump. Thump. His steps were light and barely heard
until he outside my door. The knob squeaked as he slowly
turned it.
"I need to talk to you," Riley said as he shut the
door behind him.
"Maybe I don't want to hear it," I said calmly to him
not moving from my spot in the window sill.
"You need to hear it," Riley said but wasn't able to
say anything else. I could hear my dad walking towards my
room from his. I jumped into my room and picked up the
"Get under my bed," I whispered to Riley. I knew my dad
would be very angry if he saw a boy in my room alone with
me. "Well I have to go. I'm about to go to bed," I said
into phone as dad walked in the door.
My dad just smiled and walked back out closing the door
behind him.
"That was close," Riley whispered as he climbed out
from under the bed.
"I always used to hide under my bed when I was little
and my dad was angry," I explained. "I guess it's just a
habit to think that it's safe under there."
"Sara, Kyle's bad news," Riley paused, "And you know
"You haven't called me by my real name for quite some
time now. You've always called me Angel," I looked at the
floor. "Aren't I still your angel?"
"You'll always be my own special angel, but this is
serious. You could get hurt," Riley lightly lifted his
hand to my chin and pulled my head up. Neither of us said
anything as he looked into my eyes. Oh, how I love to look
back in his.
This is where the next mistake takes over. Riley leaned
in and kissed me. The mistake was that I kissed him back.
"I love you, Angel," Riley whispered to me.
"I... I...," I paused as I looked back into his
eyes. "I think that you had better go," I said.

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