goddess of imaginary light
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2004-08-28 07:14:03 (UTC)


yeah, so i got a marriage proposal at work today!!!!
from a nasty ass oldy mcolderson....*shiver*

i came home telling my frined on the phone about it and my
roommate now thinks im insane...(shes reading this right
now, dont even want to know....)
i work, i go to school, i work, i read, i sleep, wow what
a life
so my friend jason at work is finally going through a
divorce, its about time. his wife is absolutely psycho,
manipulative, and just plain bitchy....
hes too nice of a person for that....i mean she walked all
over him adn expect4d him to deal....well im proud to say
he got balss and now hes freeeing himself from that trap!!!
YAY JASON!!! i mean, i hear about it every day for maybe i wont so much anymore :)

ordered some pizza, pizza guy sounded hot...hmmm...
i really do need to get some, whenever i start pointing
out hot guys, or something...its a bad sign that im
frustrated!! boy am i ever...i havent had sex for a
month...which ok, is not a LONG time...but...well....from
having it with someone for awhile then, well, NOT...its a
step thats hard to take...
oh well....pizzas good
damnit im starving