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2004-08-28 04:53:00 (UTC)

I'm a juvenile delinquent...!!!!

oh man marching band is freakin' AWESOME this year!!!
holy crap man tonight was our 1st away ballgame, and bus
rides are fun anyways, but i swear i've NEVER had this much
fun at midnight.

1st off we won our game, 55 to 28...mwahahaha!! we kicked
ass tonight. not to mention how absolutly horrible the band
was...ugh. gah, its like have a 150 ilisha's and throwing
them all together, quite quite scary. yes, all that was
very very cool, but the real fun came when we got on the
bus to go home.

i'm on the bus with all the sophomores, 'cause mr.
roberts wanted a few juniors on it to keep the 1st bus from
getting so crowded. so i sat with katie gillen. and since
i'm running for homecoming court, i had a hot topic bag
filled with candy to bribe people with, and even tho i got
rid of most of it, there was still a fair amout left, lots
of it being chocolate. mmmm...chocolate...anyway. so the
whole hour and some odd minutes it took us to get home, me
and katie ate chocolate. and from the time the lights went
out until we finally got off the bus, the whole bus was
singing non-stop. but katie hamilton's boyfriend, nick
straub's mother, taught us the most freakin' awesome song.
and for the past 2 hours i've been singing it.

k, 1st off it goes to the beat of that song "i'm a yankee
doodle dandy" y'know the one where they scream "i'm a
yankee dandy...duh da duh duh duh duh duuuum." yes, well
ms. nick's mommy had some slightly different words...

the delinquent song
"I'm a Juvenile Delinquent,
Afraid To Go Home Anymore...
Afraid To Go Home Anymore.
And Then There's Grandma,
Swinging On The Out-House Door,
Swinging On The Out-House Door,
Swinging On The Out-House,
Swinging On the Out-House,

::sighs:: oh man tonight was soooooo freakin' awesome.
and what's even more cool is mr. roberts lets us "voice
opinions" about the refs and such. its great. ::sniffs::
but the sad part is that kat's moving to powder springs and
tonight was her last football game with us, and she wont be
there monday...and now i'm sad...crap man. oh well, aside
from that, tonight has got to be one of the best football
games ever.

forever 17