of little importance
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2004-08-27 16:09:06 (UTC)

your picture of me

you can't make a puzzle without all the pieces
i'll never trust you without all the reasons

walk upon the pieces
scattered on the floor
they stick to the bottom of your shoe
you leave them at the door
some you couldn't get to fit
some had no appeal
some were colors you didn't like
some had a different feel
and then there's a pile you left alone
boxed and sealed up tight
of pieces that seemed to haunt you
that glowed more when there was no light
some were filled with images
some seemed a one-way track
some swallowed you whole and spit you out
some appeared only black
now your puzzle lies there
finished and full of holes
this thing you tried to make it be
is missing pieces of its soul
some were full of love or hate
some to find took quite awhile
some had to be put together
some reminded you how to smile
but you need to forget it
ignoring every thought
scared that maybe it could have been whole
if you'd just given it one more shot