u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-08-27 14:04:01 (UTC)

cheer..hey, it rhymes with tear

went to tryouts las night.....i didnt get it...not varsity
not jv NOTHING i was stunned....the more i think about it
i think it was cuz of tumbeling, cuz there were ppl who i
thought i did better than but they were working on their
standings and had it with a spot, and i dont, so im guna
find a tumbeling class to go to and ill get it next
season. i still have dance and h-arts and the majestic, so
im sure ill find plenty to do.
it jus sux cuz i mena u think bak and its like ok, 7th
grade, SFS, i made it! 8th grade 118 girls tried out, they
has room for 18, and i made it into the top 10 100 girls
got cut, and i made it, and last year, i had no tumbeling
and still managed to steal myself a varsity spot.

my dad knows how to help everything tho lol i came in
cryin las night and he gave me a hug and hes like well, u
have a 15 year record of making everything u ever tried
out for, except this...and...he kinda has a poit, i
wouldnt want this to b the one i missed tho o well jus
gotta work my ass off and i guess itll gimme a chance to
really buckle down in school n stuff too..maybee ill get a

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