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2004-08-27 00:40:47 (UTC)


so tomorrow marks the end of the second week of my senior
year. 2 down, 34 to go. thats not that bad when you think
about it. Except for the fact that this year i have the
worst schedule i've had in my previous 3 years. OK,
english, isn't that bad, i finally decided i had enough of
honors and now im in regular english. the class isn't hard,
its just extremely monotonous. We are now reviewing adj.
and adv. PLEASE, i did that when i was in the 4th grade,
literally. anatomy isn't that bad, for two weeks we've been
checking our summer assignments, which i got a 110% on. (oh
and on english, i recieved a 99%). but tomorrow we have our
first test. I'm not too nervous, i just have to study
tonight once i get home from bretts. Microsoft is a win-
lose situation. i really like the content of the class, but
i have the worst teacher ever. Mrs. Madison is the biggest
wench ever. today, i had to have her sign my absent note
and she wouldn't touch it bc i told her when she asked why
i was absent, that i had threw up, and she said "ew, im not
signing that" and i was like wow, im not puking bc im sick
im puking bc i went on birth control bitch... (speaking of
that, NO MORE CRAMPS FOR KELLY EVER!) anyway, calculus,
that class is, up in the air. i love it bc its all the
students from my trig class last year, and we all just have
a good time, but im having a hard time enjoying it bc im so
lost in the subject. i've even considered dropping it. but
then i think, kelly, every math class you've ever taken you
have pulled a 104%, and this is a college course, so of
course its going to be difficult, stick with it bitch or
else i'll hurt you! Oh well, im going to start staying
after school every day i can to get help from Mrs. K. Next
class, accouting 2. that is an awesome class because there
are five of us in it, 4 students from my class last year,
so we all are pretty tight. and plus, we are in the back of
a sophmore comp. class, so AUNT B doesn't come back and
talk to us until have way through the class period. last
class, web page design. The class from hell. Enough said,
there is no other way to explain it. all of a sudden, a
difficult class has been turned into a filler class for all
the pot heads and dumbasses. NO, i took the class because i
was so excited about it being offered, and the classic
dumbass ryle students ruined it for me. NO its MY CLASS,
whatever you retards take, get out of my class damnit. OK,
enough of being mean kelly, you have to accept that not
every one cares as much as you do. I am seriously
considering dropping that class, but then i have to accept
the fact i won't get 2 out of the 4 business class
certificates offered by my school. Let me explain, one of
the certificates i will def. recieve is the Accounting
Certificate (with each certificate you have to complete 3
business classes) and in that one, you have to complete
accounting 1 and 2, Computer and Tech application and a
business elective of your choice. And there are 3 other
certificates i will get if i finish this damn class. i just
wish i had Mrs. Klaas. She is a great teacher so i hear,
and plus she is my advisor. HEY maybe i should talk to her?
good idea, ill update once i speak with her.
BRETT :) My baby :) I was all worried about school,
and not being able to see him, but so far, the first two
weeks of school, we've arranged to see each other every
night. OK so its only for like an hour and half each night,
but its better than nothing. sometimes i just need
reassurance, and just being with him is enough. He gives me
hope to get me through this last year of HELL AKA HIGH
SCHOOL. Like today, after my horrible morning of puking
before school, and after my breakdown because of not
understanding calc and my horrible experience in web page,
i stopped by his house for 10 min before he had to leave
for his football game, and just seeing him made me forget
all my worries. I'm in love and it has to be the greatest
feeling in the world. *sigh* HA speaking of that, i have a
picture of him by my bed, and my mom saw it and
said "you've never been so ga ga over a guy before" and i
replied with "no guy is brett" and she just smiled, i think
she knows i love him, but of course i wont let her know she
is right, because then i won't be able to spend as much
time w/ him as i do bc she will freak out again about
becoming a grandmother. SPEAKING of that, erin's "daughter"
is staying with us monday and tuesday... not taking on a
grandma role MY ASS. i'm not looking forward to that. haley
is kinda cute and everything, but i can't like her like a
niece, hmm why is that, OH yea, bc she ISN'T my niece. she
is my sisters 30 year old boyfriends daughter from an old
GIRLFRIEND. yea, thats why i dont like her.
anyway, brett should be getting back from his game
anytime soon so i better go get ready. and i need to watch
the little league world series :)

yours truly


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