goddess of imaginary light
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2004-08-26 07:57:57 (UTC)

tired of it all

im just looking for something now...
after the last BAD BAD BAD realtionship i wanted freedom.
I got it though....
now, ...i dont know......
i want freedom but i miss intimacy...i miss being with
someone who knows me for me...but im sick of looking for sick of guys ignoring me or just talking to me
becasue they want to fuck me.
im too tired to try anymore, i too tired to want anything
the ones ive wanted...only asked for one thing...i feel
like theres nothing there for all the love in
the world has filtered out...
i cant trust anyone...i never couldd...
i had this disillusion that i could but thats withered away
i wish it all would just come to me...but i know it wont,
i know i have to work for it, but where do i find it, how
do i seek do i recognize it...i dont
too tired to try anymore