Best Left Unspoken
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2004-08-26 04:51:39 (UTC)

Deadly Decisions Chapter Four

After the ordeal with Chandra I felt invinsible.
Nothing could harm me in anyway as long as I had Kyle.
Riley was still acting towards him, but seemed to calm
A night that I remember vividly was when I was sitting
on my window sill. The stars were remarkable. There wasn't
a cloud in sky and it the moon was in the New Moon phase.
I had been yelled at countless times about sitting on my
window sill by my mom. She was only worried that I would
fall two stories and be in the hospital. I trusted myself
enough to continue to sit there staring at stars.
"That's very dangerous," said a familar voice from
I looked down to see Riley staring up at me in the
dark. "I know, but just to see the beautiful stars from
this angle is worth it," I called down to him. "I'll be
out in a minute." I stepped back into my room and made my
way out to the yard.
"No Kyle tonight?" Riley asked after I stepped into
yard beside him.
"No, he had to go see his grandma in the hospital up
north," I answered him.
"I bought you a present," Riley said as he handed me a
small paper bag. "I know you've been wanting it."
I slowly reached into the bag and grabbed a hold of a
hard cover book. As I pulled it out I watched Riley's
smile grow.
"It's that murder novel by your favorite author. I saw
it and knew you'd love me all over again if I gave it to
you," Riley said proudly.
"Thank you so much," I said while pulling Riley into a
tight hug. "You don't know how much this means to me." I
didn't let go of Riley until I was sure he recieved the
full impact of the hug.
"So am I your favorite for the moment?" Riley joked.
"You're always my favorite. You're my best friend and a
boyfriend won't change that and you know it," I gave Riley
a peck on the cheek and put the book back in the paper bag.
To my surprise Kyle's beat up Ford pulled into the
driveway just then. Kyle hopped out of the drivers door
and casually walked over to where we were standing.
"Hey Beautiful," Kyle said as he lightly kissed my
lips. "I bought you these," he smiled as he handed me a
dozen white roses. "I know you prefer white instead of
"Oh wow! I'm getting all sorts of gifts tonight," I
said while holding the roses.
"What do you mean," Kyle asked curiously.
"I bought her a book," Riley said with an angery look
on his face. "I better go."
"Bye! I'll see you tomorrow," I called out but Riley
didn't say anything else, he just walked out into the
After Kyle left I sat back in my window sill looking at
the stars and thinking. I watched as clouds slowly crept
upon the stars and seemed to fog their beauty. I read the
first chapter in my book while sitting in my window sill.
When I knew that I had better get some sleep I smelt the
rose one last time and thought about how badly Riley was
taking my new relationship.
I never knew how badly things can go wrong in less than
a second.