goddess of imaginary light
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2004-08-25 22:43:56 (UTC)


yeah, so "technically" im a junior...ha
classes are ok, i got out of spanish and into a
correspondence class for it so yeah baby!!!
i hate HATE spanish:(
im in my new apartment with sara and erin and everythign
is going well.
at first erin was bugging the shit out of me but i think
it was just becasue she was aroundme all the time...not so
now :)

this summer was crazy, met alot of people who im still
friends with...and got back together with some old ones.
i met a friend of tylers....his name is richard and we
talk all the time :) hes very cool, and dreamy:) but he
lives in tuson az, argh
oh well....

must study...i have to do well this semester!!!
im working at the pharmacy still, i really like it, my
boss is really felxible so yeah baby