listen to my silences
2004-08-25 19:41:07 (UTC)

asking too much

i'm sorry, i wasn't aware that asking you to follow through
on what you say was asking too much. it isn't like i was
asking you to cross the time space continuum to come and
spend time with me. i merely wanted you to call and let me
know if you were coming, like you said you would. i
figured that you wouldn't be there. i know you have to
work and i'm fine with that and i respect that. i'm not
resentful toward work at all. did that customer not have a
clock in his/her house? how could you have thought it
wasn't seven yet when i had talked to you at six
thirty...only a half an hour had gone by instead of an hour
and a half? if i bought you a watch would you wear it?
probably not, because then you'd have no excuse. maybe i'm
just too demanding. i know you say you've never had to
think about someone else before. but it's been six weeks
and then some that you've had someone else to think about
along with yourself. i think you should be used to it by
now. but what do i know? how about this: you consume my
thoughts. all day long i think about you and about us and
etc., etc. i guess i just don't understand how to push you
out of my mind and not be concerned about when i'm going to
talk to you next or see you. i guess i'm just too

it would be different if this was the first time this

final thought: i cried myself to sleep last night. thanks.