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2004-08-25 07:05:25 (UTC)


Most of life has played like a film
A soundtrack that is perfect for everything-especially a
first kiss, or those nights when the crickets kept us up,
or the times when we realized that our honest to goodness
true and whole hearted first love was south jersey
I never took drugs very seriously because I didnt want to
be that girl in the movie that is trying to hang on
I didnt want to be her because she wasn't completly
glamorous-she was mostly faking it-just hanging on
And I didn't date the boys that lived nearby because the
ones from far away were always more dangerous
The movie needs a climax, a problem, a face getting punched.
My face getting punched.
That's okay.
The movie is suddenly changing. It's no longer on VHS and
that scares me. So much more is expected-so much more
clarity, and I'm not even allowed to blame the mistakes on
the tracking. And I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do.

So tell the director how to direct it because she's

And tell her quick before the previews are over and its
time for the first scene to begin. Make it a story full of
love, please. Leave out the punches and make sure you
shoot it from my good side. I just want to be remembered
for remembering. And remembering your birthday. And
remembering to be kind and rewind.