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2004-08-24 18:36:47 (UTC)

SeOn - THe BrAnD nEw BiKeR cHiCk!!!

Heylo everyone! hows it goin..? Im pretty good..well
actually im really good! LoL!

Ma dad jus visited me n he has a brand new motor bike!!!
its hefty gud..! I didnt even kno he was doin his test or
nuttin..n he passed yday and he can carry ppl on the back
of his bike 2..n he got a brand new soo
pretty..silver n lovely..! woO! i want it! LoL! I went for
a wee shot around ma circle jus 2 kno what it feels like 2
b on a bike bt i cudnt go far coz i hav to go get a helmut
n stuff b4 i can go on it! Ye needa get the helmuts 2 fit
yer head so i hav 2 go with him! aw whit its gonna b well
gud..! dont ye jus love motor bikes! its so strange anol
coz iv been talkin 2 ma dad about bikes n stuff coz i was
gonna get ma license for ma 16th bt they put the age limit
back up 2 17 again so i needa wait n il jus wait nows until
iv passed ma actual test! LoL! woO! anyhoo! i wonder if im
gonna get leathers 2 b a proper biker chick! that wud kik
ass..! :o) yasss hefty gud! Anyhoo! im still a lil excited
at the sccchhheeexxxiii bike!

- x adios x -