Best Left Unspoken
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2004-08-24 05:21:10 (UTC)

Deadly Decisions Chapter Three

Kyle and I started to go out almost every night. He was
the best kisser I've ever experienced and I became
increasingly amased by him. The night I knew I was going
to live the rest of my life with him was when he played a
song on his guitar he'd written for. I didn't even know
that he could play guitar before then. I was mesmorized by
his every move.
I trusted Riley with every detail of every date. Which
was my third mistake. Some things should only be said when
you're alone with the person you're talking to.
"I was more in love with him than I was ten minutes
earlier when he started to play that beautiful song on his
guitar. Kyle is so wonderful," I lightly hugged Riley.
"You're going out with Kyle? Kyle Boden?" Chandra, one
of my least favorite people, yelled out loud in the middle
of the hall.
"Yes, I am. Do you have a problem with it?" I said as
my face reddened with rage.
"Actually, I do. I claimed him as mine the first time I
saw him and no one steals my man," Chandra flipped her
overly dyed platinum blonde hair over her shoulder. She
was wearing her cheerleading uniform because there was
football game that night. I didn't have a problem with
that, but I did have a problem with the way she rolled her
skirt up to show off her tan legs (that she probably
tanned with the fake tanning lotion in the makeup isle)
and her perfect thighs (that she had liposucktion on many
times to keep her jeans at a size 2).
As she said that Kyle came up behind me to give me a
hug from behind and said "Hey Sara, how's your day?"
"Fine," I answered almost melting into his arms.
"Hey Kyle," Chandra said in her fake perky voice.
"Who are you?" Kyle asked looking her up and down while
crinkling up his nose in disgust.
Chandra chose to ignore the look on his face and
asked, "After the game tonight do you wanna have a date in
the back of my car, if ya know what I mean."
Kyle gave a quiet chuckle and answered, "No, after the
game I'm taking my girlfriend, Sara, to the movies. Then
we might go somewhere to get something to eat, which I
might suggest you do, you're sickeningly thin. Are you
Chandra snorted and turned quietly on heel which made
her tiny skirt flare out more than needed as she stomped
down the hall. Later that day even Riley had to admit that
Kyle was his hero for putting down Chandra. Chandra was
one of the many girls that tried to convince Riley to go
out with her, but Riley said he'd never go out with
someone who was too into themselves.
Still the world seemed perfect to me. Nothing wrong in
my mind and I was finally happy. I would soon worry about
Riley more than ever.

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