Best Left Unspoken
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2004-08-24 04:49:00 (UTC)

Deadly Decisions Chapter Two

His name was Kyle. Kyle Boden. The love of my high
school life. He was everywhere. I saw him more than I
didn't. Kyle was in eight out of my nine classes. School
became my heaven on earth.
Kyle and I became very close, but we kept our
relationship platonic. Well, until he kissed me. That's
when my second mistake comes in.
The day after our kiss I told my best friend, Riley.
"Are you crazy?" Riley screamed at me in my living
room. His loud tone wasn't a problem because my parents
were out for the weekend to a concert.
"It was wonderful," I paused, "He's wonderful."
"Sara, do you know why he's never been to a public high
school?" Riley questioned me grabbing my shoulders.
"I guess it's just because home schooling has better
learning results than public schools," I pushed Rileys
hands of my shoulders.
"No Sara, it's because on his first day of seventh
grade he threatened to kill one of his teachers and was
expelled. Expelled, Lucy. His parents just kept him in
private schools and in home schooling until they thought
he was safe. He's still not safe. He could hurt you and
I'm worried," Riley reached back out for me, but I pulled
away too soon.
"Riley, you always do this," I complained.
"Do what?" he asked.
"You always give me some reason not to date every guy
that I like. Do you not want me to be happy?" I sat down
on the couch and folded my arms.
"You know I want you to be happy. That was crazy for
you ask. It's just that every guy you like has something
wrong with them that will eventually make you unhappy,"
Riley said as he sat down beside me.
"I know, it's just this is the one," I whispered into
Riley's ear.
"How do you know?" Riley asked in a whisper as he
looked into my eyes.
I looked back into his eyes and could have counted
every single one of the brown dots that were lightly
speckled throughout the beautiful dark green iris's of
his. Riley was also very good looking, but never seemed to
have a girlfriend. Every girl that asks him out he
declines for one thing or another. He had ear length dark
brunette hair, his smooth skin was lightly tanned, he was
tall, and slightly muscular. Riley was a very good friend
and would drop everything he was doing just to make me
happy when I'm down.
"I just do," I kept my voice to a whisper even though
there was no one in the house other than Kyle and me. It
just didn't seem appropriate to be loud at that moment in
time. I never knew what I was getting in to. I never saw
this coming.

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