The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-08-23 23:03:49 (UTC)

"So did u get your hole?" *Primark guy smirks*

Heylo! lol..well hows it goin? Its going not 2 bad 2day for
me actually..was kinda gutted n stuff last nites bt i was
told that i was jus being para n im sure i was..:p well i
stil hope so..suppose ye always hav that wee funny feelin
in the back of yer mind dont ye..?! Anyhoo aye..!

Ma name is kinda crazzzy bt only Lisa will actually get
it..unless i tell u the whole story..which if i told u nows
probs wudnt b that funny..:-/ i shall not bother n
if anyone really wants 2 kno can ask Lisa or i! LoL!

Well today wasnt 2 bad..didnt get up2 much..usual stuff at
skewl..then went down the centre after skewl with Lisa coz
she had to get her mum a top n stuff..n she got prettty
earings to go with her lovely outfit tht shes wearin on
Saturday..yass i cant wait till then its gonna b hefty top!
i got new shoes n stuff which iv already mentioned..i needa
get pretty new earings n omg i saw a gorgeeeous bag in Mk1
2day bt it was like 8 quid so ill jus wait n c how ma funds
go..coz needa keep good money for the pub! Ayee..!

Anyhoo dont fink im up2 much 2moro..Malcolm wantd me 2 go c
New Found Glory with him bt i dont fink ill b going becoz i
needa watch the cash flow but aye! So theres..:p Dont
really hav anything else to talk about!

- x adios x -

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