Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-08-23 22:45:59 (UTC)

day 12 on year 25

I think I’m on day 12
Or at least it was day 12 a week ago
This is my attempt (the one person in the band that has the
worst memory) to tell you what happened
Well basically we did all vocals and a little organ.
It’s so weird how adding vocals can sweeten up a song so
Ben, Jon, Phillip from Stedlur, and I all sang parts
And on one part of one song there ended up being 30 vocal
parts (I think that was “Fantasy”)
I always go a little crazy
But I promise it will sound SWEET!
But yeah we have one more day of recording left
Just a couple more vocal parts, some guitar, more keyboard,
and then some percussion
Then it’s on to mixing, mastering, and pressing

ok now we speak about my birthday weekend
wow so much so little time
It all started at 12:00AM EST on August 20th 2004
I was at home with my brothers (bandmates) sitting around
drinking bud light and watching a movie about Rock music
and violence. It was good times. My 3 favorite people in
the world called me at midnight and wished me a happy
birthday. I then went to sleep. I then gotten woken in up
in the morning to a friend at my house who brought me
presents then they went to work and I took a shower, then
took my car to get the tire fixed, then I went to lunch
with them later that day. After lunch I met another friend
and then got my hair by my sis. Then went to another
friend’s house and dyed my hair. and then I went to our
show, which I will say was one of the most fun shows ever.
I had the best sound on stage ever. I saw a lot of good
friends and had a great time. Then I went to a bar and hung
with the guys some more. Saturday I slept in then I went to
Clara’s and helped Shaunna and Clara to clean and get ready
for this party. Then of course came the party. It was
awesome! So many people I hadn’t seen in forever. I loved
talking to every one of them. I even met some new ones.
There were a couple awkward moments here and there. Can you
tell why someone who hates me and my band might come to our
party? anywho…yeah then Sunday my moms grand scheme to go
to Stone Mountain fell through but we ended up having an
amazing time. I love my parents and I had some good
conversation with them. It was SO good to see Jon and Kim I
never see them anymore and I miss them. I also got to see
my grandma, my sis and my little niece…who is the cutest
little girl ever. I love my family. That night I met a
friend at smiths and watched some bluegrass music. So I
would say I had a busy weekend. But I would also say I had
an amazing weekend. Thank you to all that made it possible.
Thanks for all the gifts. And lastly but not leastly…thank
you Lord for your love and my life.
heres my birthday present list:
the missing piece
the amazing farting dog
the message bible
The Kurt Cobain diary
The bible answer book
Carpenters / greatest hits
A 90’s mix CD
a shirt
a watch
2 bracelets
a pony
a Japanese toy