listen to my silences
2004-08-23 19:28:49 (UTC)

every new beginning...

so much has happened since i wrote in here last time.
mostly with jake. i think about him and somehow, i don't
know exactly what it is, but i just know that he is the one
i'm going to be with for the rest of my life. it's not
like any relationship i've ever had before. the feeling
isn't that oh this is fantastic nothing's ever going to go
wrong. it's different than that. completely different.
yes the excitement's there. so is the intensity. but this
is different because...i guess because it's real. we know
how to talk to each other. and we know how to say volumes
without even opening our mouths. we know that neither one
of us is perfect. and we don't expect each other to be.
we have our differences and we work through them. we both
want the same things, both right now and down the road. he
knows about my past and i about his. it's amazing. i wish
that everyone could understand and experience this kind of
relationship. i don't know how he and i got so lucky, but
i thank god that we did.

people say we're moving too fast
i say people you're going too slow

other happenings:
mary moved to minnesota. i miss her lots.

tiff and nick broke up. long dramatic story that i don't
want to get into. i love them both to death. it's just a
bad situation all around.

dre's back from alaska. i ran into her and sauter down at
the falls. i've missed her too. they got engaged. yay!

school started. blah. today's the first day. i'm in my
computer class typing away. we're not doing anything so i
figured i'd catch everyone up to date. i started off this
morning by missing my first class. what a great way to
start. yeah i slept in and then left my schedule and map
at home so i had no idea where to go and i couldn't call
because i also left my cell phone at home and couldn't find
a pay phone that works. i had to get online here to get my
schedule and then wander around till i discovered where all
of my classes are. lots of fun. i did run into rachel
which was awesome and we got to talk for awhile. that
wouldn't have happened if i hadn't missed that first
class. so yeah, everything happens for a reason. big
dramatic day so far. and it's not over yet. i have one
more class to go and then i have to run by home, change
clothes, and go to work. i'm supposed to give jake a call
somewhere in between everything and let him know how things
are going. i have so much homework and i'm going to
madison tomorrow morning and then i have to work tomorrow
night. there's just not enough time in the day...

brodie and i have a class together which is awesome.
afterwards we go eat lunch out. today we ate at a chinese
place. it used to be a buffet and it used to be really
good. now it's not and it sucks. but oh well.

oh! i spent almost one thousand dollars in a period of
three days last week. four hundred sixty seven dollars for
books and then four hundred thirty four dollars to put new
tires, brakes, and rotors on my car. then today i find out
i have to shell out another thirty for one class because i
have to get a subscription to the wall street journal. i'm
not made of money people! it's ridiculous.

jake and i went to an indian pow wow over the weekend. it
was awesome. so much fun. i got this turtle carved out of
bone for fifty cents and jake bought me a real turtle.
he's so little and so cute! i love it. jake named him
toby. toby the tiny turtle. he's a speedy little guy
though. i'm so afraid i'm going to kill him. i want to
set him free so that i don't kill him but i don't want to
set him free cause he's too little and i love him and i
don't want to not see him again. he's living at jake's
right now.

i cleaned my room up really well the other day and i found
an awesome poem that i wrote. as soon as i find it again
i'll put it on here. i know i haven't written anything in
quite a long time.

okay i think that's about caught up to date. sorry if i
left anything out, i'm sure i'll get reminded if so.

final thought: a gentleman with callouses on his hands...