u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-08-23 19:18:46 (UTC)

cheerleading tryouts!

woohoo im so excited! im kinda bummed tho cuz ill probly b
on jv, and b taking a step bak from varsity las year, las
year i didnt no alot of ppl on the team outside of
cheering, and i dont wanna b stuck on jv when they all are
on varsity, u kno? omg i had a dream that me n nikki got
captains! that would b so much fun! ambers trying out too!
i hate that her and nikki dont get alog tho, cuz niki is
my best friend and ambers really cool too, but i can c y
they have that attitude twords eachother, i duno, i dont
wanna get into it. they're both great ppl. ugh i cant
believe im wearing shorts with my disgusting bruise on my
leg (ew)
ya i was dirtbiking yesterday and my rear tire slipped out
wen i was doing like, 65and i fell off and my leg hit the
tree and my upper body wanted to keep moving so it whipped
around and i pulled muscles in my back and shoulders and
then im bracing myself to get run over by the bike and in
comes matt and his bike landing on top of me lol the first
words out of his mouth were "are u ok?!" hahaha he didnt
even say ouch or anything first just BOOM u ok? my dad was
all wierded out tho he was like "she could have broken her
back and she wouldnt ever b able to walk again if she
wasnt wearing her gear!!" to my mom lol (its ok guys im
still alive!)
time to go get ready for cheerleading whoop whoop im so