Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2004-08-23 15:30:19 (UTC)

The new comming

Hey wow its been a few months. Our computer is screwed
up again. It keeps freezing at random moments! Well lets
see... first of all, I obtained my driver's license I
missed six questions and if I had missed one more, I
would've failed. The driving part was easy. I got my
darksteel booster box! Oh.. it was even better than what I
thought. I'm also getting a job soon. I was thinking like
maybe that home for old people down at where Robert works
at Palmyra. It seems easy enough.
I found out that I love Nashville. Me, my brother, and
JC went there and we explored parts of it I had never seen.
Wow it was so beautiful. That day was perfect no matter
what anyone says! I'm still with the girl I've always been
with! I still love her so much. I've been hopeing that she
hasn't lost interest in me, because we've been apart for so
long. She hasn't though and I'm still so into her.
Yesterday, I caught a bass and put it into my dads
aquarium! His pet Oscar is twicethe size though and
dominates the whole thing! He picks on all the fish and
eats any fish put in there smaller than him. He's one bad
I beat fire emblem just yesterday. One of my better
accomplishments heheh. I finished the new story called the
slaughtering at hogwarts! lol Its alright, my next one will
be better. I'm putting Carl in it from aqua teen hunger
force! I guess thats pretty much all the major stuff that
happened. Well, I'll write again sometime later.