Dave's Mental Meanderings
2004-08-23 09:56:18 (UTC)

Poem - "Keep on Riding"

Another sun drops off the western horizon,
Mournful pink clouds ride the breeze that flies in,
The hazy blue moon draws my haggard brown eyes in,
Another rough night by the mood that the sky’s in.
The starlight dances with the dew on the grass
By the sides of the road to which I’m held fast,
I hope that tonight’s more clear than the last,
For my headlights burned out on the last mountain pass.
Exits fly by for towns where I’ve stayed
When no rusty jalopy would come to my aid,
When at night for such a strange highway I prayed,
Now there’s no turning back once the toll has been paid.
But I never bargained for this kind of trip,
I threw in for joyrides on a road-worthy ship,
The steering wheel was slave to my steadiest grip
When I saw but the iceberg’s benevolent tip.
The road was wide and the miles rolled by
Without stumble or scrape or regretful low sigh,
The plains stretched out till they met the calm sky,
The going was easy and my spirits were high.
Then one by one the clouds drifted in,
Casting shadows on the pavement like omens of sin,
At first I dismissed them and thought with a grin,
A sun shower, then I won’t hear from that cloud again.
But looking away only got me so far,
For I soon lost my way and nearly totaled the car,
Despite what dangers taunt from afar
My eyes must stay fixed on that bright Southern Star.
Though the angels of dawn have retired their flutes,
And the night owl prophesies doom with his hoots,
And the road is cracked from overgrown roots
Of trees that entangle and strangle with shoots,
Though the rear-view mirror reflects my own doubt,
And streetlights have never been built this far out,
And no highway patrol would hear if I shout,
To the spirit of the journey I remain still devout.
No matter what lands this road takes me to,
No matter what hell this old wagon goes though,
No matter how long the clouds hold back the blue,
I’ll keep on riding if I’m riding with you.