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2004-08-23 06:30:45 (UTC)

syncopated clogs

i should be staring back at you right now, caught between
turpentine and telephone wires. dont you forget that.

i should be saying your name five times fast. it must be
difficult being in love with me.

breaking hearts to break them in, tying shoelaces around
necks around wrists. there is something beautiful and
desperate left behind from nights slipping under the light,
not letting it catch us, talking about how wonderful we
smelled. like baked goods and smoke.

"Here is your star named just for you." A piece of paper
that I crumbled between bookshelves that Ill look for
because I am addicted to ice cream and nostalgia.

you should be here staring back at me. we should be
looking through the same camera. we should drop the camera
and watch it crash, let it crash, let us crash...all over
the carpet.

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