forever changing
2004-08-23 02:47:28 (UTC)

shooby doo

well it has been a whole week and yesterday i finally told
mike flat out stop calling.i feel kinda bad but at the same
time i feel worse when he calls.last night i wrote him
aletter which i put in a book i need to give back to him
and so i am going to have caity give the book to him. grrr
but it is over
i have started talking ot chris a lot lately and he is
really cool we have a lot of similarities in our beleifs
and all and well as we both beleave if it is meant to be it
will be.
last night i had a really weird dream where i was with
chris and we were hanging out then weird things happened
then it was david and other weird things happened and some
how we created a demented looking turkey picture by drawing
around his hand and screwing with it a bit. well i am going
ot go now.

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