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2004-08-22 18:00:14 (UTC)


Ok. So if you weren't there i really don't have the time
or patience to explain what happened over the summer. even
though it's really exciting.
i need to figure some things out. what am i going to do.
i spoke with sam last night and it made me think about a
lot of things. i also spoke with jess though, and she made
me think too.
So what to do.
Jess wants me to convince John that we should date. Ok,
but how. i've never been good at that. i can debate a
person forever if i have time to think and research. but
to actually convince a person impromptu that they should
date me, that's a tough one.
Well, he says he's been hurt too many times, and i heard
about it from jess. . . and anyone else who knows Laura. I
just . . .ugh. All I have for that is that i'm not like
that. i told jess, i'm like orthodox one man woman. i like
it, it gives me purpose, and i can usually focus better
when i am not concentrating on all the guys. like right
now. ugh i'm on a co-ed floor. i almost drowned in my own
hormones the other day. but then john called. and all of
that went away. i couldn't even think about those other
guys as more than just like, neighbors. i went out last
night with a bunch of people. and it was awesome.
also, i don't break people's hearts. they break mine. i
only dumped one guy, and it was because he was my step-
cousin. i know, it's gross, but i was young and stupid and
believed, hey no blood relation it's ok. but that's why i
dumped him. cause i saw the light, GROSS!! and plus he was
a moron.
i also have every intention of studying abroad. and i
don't want to live and work in america. so you never know.
Ireland could be my next venture. or england, scottland,
argentina. who knows. i'm a travelin' kinda girl.
but the words of no doubt come to mind.
"Take me back, take me back into history
Buy a ring tie me down just like it used to be."
I don't know, i'm not in a rush, not at all. but
eventually i will be, and i want to travel before it
comes, unless the person is ok with me traveling. OR EVEN
TRAVELS WITH ME!! That would be awesome.


ps i still have thinking to do. so i may just be back

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