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2004-08-22 03:54:31 (UTC)

Aimless Thoughts

Lifes many roads lead us many places
A quick ramble probably alcohol induced and unaware

Its been sometime and I feel you are hurting in pain and in
need again

I thought I had left you, separted from knowing you and
feeling you and yet you feel like you are here in a room
with me, the two of us again spinning wildly and then it
Somenone told me I love too deep and too often do I ever
really detach and let go or do I put up a wall to stand
behind and pretend to forget. I do love maybe too much, I
do love maybe too often but how can one love too many? I
ask this to myself as I feel that same feeling over again a
touch that melts, a word that crumbles your soul a look
that takes your breath away a kiss that will never happen
but is oh so longed for, maybe one day I will have the
answers, maybe not, but in the end I can atleast walk away
saying I was in love, will always be in love, and will
never feel love in return.
I will always open my heart to you and never expect your
love in return. I would rather walk away knowing someone is
loved than to stay around knowing I am not wanted.

Just a ramble of thoughts here in the late night wine
induced ...