Best Left Unspoken
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2004-08-21 04:29:04 (UTC)

Deadly Decisions Chapter One

I tried to calm my breath as I hid under the bed I had
slept in so many countless nights. I've never noticed how
loud my breathing was until just now. There were so many
terrible decisions that I had made that has brought me to
this position. At this moment it was difficult to keep
from crying, but I had to stay as silent as possible.
Soft footsteps came up the stairs toward my room and I
knew that he knew where I was hiding. I just hoped that I
was wrong. The thumping noise of the footsteps started to
become louder and seemed quicken the beats of my heart.
"I know you're in here," that evil voice kept repeating
in my head, louder and louder every time. The sound of the
footsteps seemed to come to a deafening loud tone, then
they stopped. I could see his shoes just out from under
the bed in my dark room. He chuckled, and I knew it was
But maybe I should really start at the beginning of all
of this. The beginning is a very important place. It's
where everything is plotted out and destinies are decided.
Some beginnings can also be the end for some unlucky few.
For me it was my first mistake. I could also call it the
wrong friend.
The day started out just as it normally did. I was
getting ready for school like I did every day. Where the
real beginning happened was in Chemistry class.
"Class, we have a new student. Welcome him and treat
him nicely. It's his first public high school class," Mr.
Grace announced after he had come back into the room from
talking to the Vice Principal.
Then walked in one of the best looking guys that I had
ever seen. He had medium length naturally black hair, dark
brown eyes, he was slightly tall, and wore a concert T-
shirt of a band I had never heard of. His jeans were torn
below his right knee and were frayed at the bottom where
he stepped on them as he walked.
The only empty seat in the class was beside me, and I
knew it. I could hear his wallet chain jangling as he
walked towards the empty seat. He didn't even look around
before he ploppled down in the chair and Mr. Grace handed
him a shabby looking Chemistry book.
"Hey," he said quietly as I turned my head to see that
he was talking to me.
"Hey," I answered back causually.
"What's it like here?" he asked as if we were in a
state penatenuary instead of a high school. I looked into
his eyes and they seemed to sparkle with a secret I longed
to learn.
"It's okay," I shrugged off the thought of the secret
he had.
And that was the beginning of something that wouldn't
take long to turn sour.

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