Pieces of Me
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2004-08-20 06:36:57 (UTC)

The "Posse"

I've been trying to hang out with my friends as much as
possible lately.

This isn't because I'm losing some of them to college -
because most of my closest friends are staying right here -
but because I've recently realized the importance of
surrounding yourself with the people you like best.

We usually try to rotate whose turn it is to play the host
for a 'get-together' within our 'posse' so that no one
gets stuck throwing the parties all the time. I've had a
couple bonfires and whatnot, Lindsey has had a couple of
camp-outs, Dave has had a couple of movie nights at his
place, Tiffany has been awesome enough to throw two pool
parties, and Alyssa is having her second sleepover
tomorrow night.

Tiffany had her second pool party today, actually. We
always seem to plan things right at the last minute...
which is okay, because it all usually seems to work out
one way or another. I am very thankful that Tiffany threw
this party (and thankful that the weather, for once,
decided to cooperate so that I could break in my new black
bathing suit) because even though Alyssa shot me in the
eye with a water gun (which really sucked.... I had to go
to work with chlorine-induced bloodshot eyes, thus looking
like a pothead at the Substance Abuse Counsel, of all
places of employment), I got to go swimming for the SECOND
time this summer. Woot. AND I got a tan. Tiffany, it
wouldn't have been possible without you. LoL.
But seriously... I got to spend most of the day with some
of my closest friends, AND I got to see Asher.

Asher... now there's an interesting concept....
I always seem to get slightly ticked off at him when I
haven't seen him for awhile (or in this case, basically
all summer... lol), but then when I see him again, it's
like all that ticked-off-edness (shush, you english
majors!)just disappears. Perhaps it's because I don't want
to waste my time being mad at him since I get to see him
so rarely, or perhaps it's just because he has a way about
him that prevents me from staying mad. Either way, I was
really happy to see him there tonight. He's leaving for
CMU in 2 days.
He's my only close friend that's going off to college...
and while he's staying in state, he'll still be two hours
away, so I probably won't see him again until the next
major holiday...and maybe not even then because he always
has so much going on.
It kind of sucks, because there is no one else like him
(and I mean that in a friendly way, just so no one starts
thinking "*gasp* She's in love with him!"). I mean, sure
there are some things we don't see eye to eye on. But he's
so in tune to the deeper parts of life and therefore SO
easy to talk to, he's so fun to be around, and so... not a
typical guy. He actually amazes me sometimes, because he
is so respectful of women, which I REALLY love and
appreciate. I can do anything and go anywhere with him,
and I know that he won't refer to any female as a piece of
meat or ass in any way and that nothing he says will
offend me as a woman or bring back bad memories. It's very
hard to find a guy like that. I love you Asher, and I'll
miss you!! Muah! Hehe.

I'm also really starting to appreciate my girl friends
more. We're all either already 18 or turning 18 this year,
we all get along great despite our many differences, we
all always easily manage to have a great time together no
matter what, and we always have great conversations and
find creative things to do together (and ya'll know what
I'm talking about! lol). The "lady posse", although it
varies from time to time, typically consists of: Me,
Lindsey, Alyssa, Tiffany, and Emma.
Lindsey, my counterpart, who is spunky and brutally honest
in her own special ways.... Alyssa, the one who can
sympathize with me when it comes to being slightly pudgy
and is rarely afraid to do off-the-wall things while
reminding both of us of our moral up-bringings....
Tiffany, the sister that I never had (ya know... aside
from the one that I really DO have), always providing all
of us with funny jokes, strange noises, beautiful
drawings, and a split second to seriously consider the
crazy thing we're about to do before we actually do it....
Emma, the one of the group who is so laid-back and yet so
much fun, bringing us card games that can tell us which
man in our lives will buy us the world and ask us to get
cosmetic surgery to reconstruct our faces in order to look
just like him (inside joke =op)!

Yeah.... I love my lady posse.

Tomorrow... a night filled with henna tattoos, sex talk,
movie-watching, and Lord only knows what else.
Who needs alcohol and other mind-altering substances when
we have each other?
We do plenty of damage just the way we are.

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