Nick's Journal
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2004-08-19 15:47:01 (UTC)

How is bob barker still alive?

so i really have nothing better to do than watch the price
is right. i'm sitting here watching this show that i
watched in sixth grade, and only one question pops into my
mind. how the fuck is this man still alive? he looked old
as god when i was watching him 10 years ago. i swear that
man is a robot.
aside from watching tpir. i'm also engaging in
philosophical battles with aol support as to why i want to
cancel my account in favor of high-speed internet, YET NOT
pay for their ridiculous top-speed internet service.
jesus, you'd think that you were breaking up with the most
pathetic girl at your high-school the way they act. first
of all i love goign through their clearance levels.
"what is your address?"
"what is the security code on your credit card?"
"what are the last four digits of your social security #?"
what am i fucking entering into defcon 5 here? connect me
to the brain-dead operator pronto!
plus they have those annoying voice activeated menus. i
grunted once and all of a sudden sold my soul to the
mexican drug smuggling ring. seriously, i cleared my
throat and all of a sudden i'm on the line to upgrade my
internet connection.
once i finally got to where i wanted to be, i realized that
i wanted nothing but out. here i am talking to someone
with the mentality of a 7 year old, incessantly baggering
me for reasons as to why i'd cancel the service. the funny
thing is that he had nothing but script to yell at me, so
after a while i tried making him feel uncomfortable.
"now we have a firewall that keeps people out of your
"good, cos i'd hate to have someone find out that i look at
children fucking gophers"
"and vice versa"
"eh,,,,ummmm, we also have um...ummmm, a firewall"
"protects your computer"
"naked children"
"thank you for calling aol."