Ali Davis

One Day At a Time
2004-08-18 23:43:54 (UTC)

some clarity


The "Corey" saga has coem to an end. I asked my questions
and he answered them. I must say that I'm relieved by his
response, in a way. We agreed to be friends and leave it
at that. He has some things to figure out, as do most
people (myself included). I'm glad that its settled. I
figured that not talking to him about things would
probably drive a wedge between us. Corey is a great guy
and I'm happy to have him in my life and it is awesome to
know him. If I really needed him, I'm confident that he
would be there for me. Isn't that what really matters

There's alot left to write about this but I gotta get some
food and stuff:)......