Mind problems
2004-08-18 02:35:03 (UTC)


Let me tell you about my summer "The summer of Maria"
which was suppose to be the best in history. No it dint
happen like that, it was lame and i got my heart broken
boy the same guy several times. My boyfriend broke up with
me on our 4 year anniversary and he started acting stupid
with me.

He works close to my house and if i go towards that
direction i am accused of being a stalker even though the
stores are at that direction. If i go to the park im
accuseed of the same since he lives on the other side of
the park. Then if i go to where the donut shop is at im
accussed of the same because he has friends over there. i
feel so traped here and lonely. I think that i want to go
back to school. To that place i loath but love compaired
to this love.

i have a job, i work at a tomato packing shop and i dont
know why but i appreciate what people do there but i never
want to do something like that again. This just makes me
realize that i am lonely and a loser.

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