Pieces of Me
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2004-08-17 23:36:00 (UTC)

Back In Business

After giving this much thought, I've decided to make my
stupid little diary public again so everyone that actually
wants to subject him or herself to this kind of torture
My ever incoherent, incomprehensible, often random, and
yet somehow amusing jargonic ramblings are once again
available for your twisted viewing pleasure.

But first, a DISCLAIMER (gotta love those disclaimers):

1. Don't take anything I say TOO seriously. I always mean
what I say, but I often say it with a hint of humor no
matter how depressed and pathetic I may be at the time.

2. Any emotions or thoughts conveyed at the time of
writing any journal entry may not be the same thoughts and
emotions existing one or more days AFTER writing any
journal entry. So basically... if I said I wanted to die a
week ago, chances are I don't feel the same way today. =o)

3. This journal, as with any other, is an outlet for my
own thoughts and emotions. I write for my own purposes
before I write for anyone else, and I just organize my
words in a way that will be most mentally stimulating for
the general public as an added bonus. I do aim to amuse...
but this writing is my primary source of therapy (which I
desperately need), so any and everything I write is not
initially intended to offend, bring down, or otherwise
provoke any negative feelings in anyone, no matter how
much I may dislike any one person who may happen upon this
confusion of words I call a diary.

Everyone got it? Okay, cool.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Stay
tuned if you dare.