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2004-08-17 20:16:15 (UTC)

New spankin hair-do!

Heylo ppl..hows it goin..? Im alritey..okdee so maybe its
not that new becoz iv had the highlights n stuff done b4 bt
its still new coz i hav more highlights n its cut kinda
differently..except i dont rly fink it is jus maybe coz
Anna straightened it 2nite..!

Well aye as u can guess...i got ma hair cut n highlighted n
its lukin gud..:) a likey it..! hehe..! Shes such a kik ass
hair dresser who even cums 2 yer hoose..! its amazin!
LoL! :) Always makes a pretty job of it..yass! Go AnNa!!
anyhoo aye..!

Today was alritey i suppose..pretty bearable..! but aye..we
shall c how the next couple of days go..i hope this week
goes in pretty quickly..! Tonight iv had ma hair done n
stuff..Tomorrow am gonna go c ma dad after skewl n stuff
for a while..Thurs dont hav any plans..*maybe i can c a
certain sum1* bt i dunno if that'll happen! :-/! and Friday
its the puuuuub time..yaaas! :p!! Cant wait..dont fink
we're gonna get totally steamin this weekend tho..we're
gonna leave that till the following weekend wen lotsa ppl
are there..anyhoo we're gonna get "merry/tipsy" which is
always a good way 2 b eh..? :p

Well i went shoppin with Lisa yestarday n it was quite
successful! Lisa went down 2 spend her exam money that she
got for doin well..n she got gorgeooous jeans and a
beautiful top that makes her look stunnin! :p and skinny
with a lovely pert bum! *bitch* LoL! nah im jk hun..u look
great! :)! We went for coffee n stuff n i got hot chocolate
with was kik ass! I got a nice wee pair of
shoes also!!

Went oot for dinner tonight which was lovely..i
had 'Italian Chicken' .. mMm it was tasty! LoL! kinda
starting 2 get peckish again..i could something
like..omg..a 'petite filous'!!!! MmMmM! Anywayz! aye..:p
ill catch yes laters!

- x adios x -