taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-08-17 19:42:05 (UTC)

Natalie, you smell nice. Oh, and I'm a perv.

Somewhere between the booze-induced male cheering and the
foul stench of soft-core prostitution it hit me... To
certain degree, I, much like many of my male counterparts,
am ruled by my genitailia.

Oh I have I tried to surpress the urges, and deny the
signs, but they are undeniable.

Sitting in the posh seating at the Polar Bare, all but
drooling as the next dancing performer floats to the stage
and begins to misify me with her eroitic motions and
movements, I am paralyzed. My gaze fixated. But as the
clothes become fewer and the awe beings fade the obvious
wrongness of the situation comes creeping in through the
various songs lyrics I have come to identify with....

"Can't pretend that it doesn't mean a thing. This
happiness that corruption brings."

"And I can't trust myself with what I want."

"I'm scared of my attraction to body types."

Hey, thats almost justification. And I mean, it is. As
men, we are bred into a way of thinking that objectifies
women to the extremes. Luckily some of us can ward off
this evil for the most part. But every so often it comes
creeping back and you end up at a strip joint dropping
twenties for a 3 minute and 20 second private show.

And there I was, sitting in my seat, regaining my proper
consciousness when Natalie, my francophone stipper lover,
emerged from the boweles of the 'ready room' and
completely reduced me to a horny, drunk, shell of the man
I once was. I thus proceeded to do what any
such 'gentleman' would do in my current state, initiate
a 'conversation'. Now this, unfortunately, was not my
first 'conversation', but it was my best. I was
charasmatic, cunning, polite, "I like your tatoo's" I
would say and she would smile, say thanks, and proceed to
rub her ass in my crotch. I could tell she was diggin'

So, it was a good, no, great, albeit soul-impaired,

Kids, this is why hegemony is a bad thing. and a good
thing in a bad way.

Ahhh, Natalie...

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