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2004-08-17 16:09:01 (UTC)

a bird is uncle dave

today i put on my funeral dress

i have had my funeral dress for years now and it has seen
many churches and many faces with bloodshot eyes

people speak and their voices quiver and they smile
it. when i spoke once, when my voice quivered into the
microphone, i smiled through it and i imagine myself
looking very unbeautiful.

You haven't really had a chance to live until you've
through tears.

And I wonder in my funeral dress. What if I were above and
my only handicap now was not being able to touch the faces
of the ones i love. not being able to put paper into the
recycling bin, not being scared to cut my thumb off with a
jig saw, and never eating ice cream and having it be the
most wonderful sensation since running in the snow with no
shoes on.

But I suppose all of that gets eclipsed somehow with the
opportunity to hang out with elvis presley, having your
legs work and your wheelchair disappear like his did and,
of course, having the ability to fly.

i dont say this because im naive and i think they we're
given wings when we die. I say this because I know he was
floating above us in there and it was really something.

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