Ramblings of a Mom
2004-08-17 12:18:46 (UTC)

Maybe it'll work today

Every time that I have tried to do a new diary entry
lately, my PC and/or internet has locked up and I have not
been able to do it. It has been rather frustrating!
So today I'm trying again. Things have finally settled
some and today is the first day in 2 1/2 weeks that I have
not had to run into town to transport my Mom, take the boys
to the doctor's, etc! That doesn't mean that I don't have
to leave the house though. I have to make a deposit in our
bank account to cover this past weekend (we went to Sea
World for the weekend) and get a few items from the store
(that I didn't know we needed yesterday) and then after the
oldest gets off of the bus, we have to run into town for
his counseling appointment. But hey, at least I have this
Last week I served my ex with a demand letter for almost
$1,500 for medical expenses for our son. I was hoping that
he wouldn't get it until Saturday so that we would be out
of town when he received it. No such luck! He received
it, called me at 7 in the morning on Friday, and chewed on
me for almost 20 minutes. Basically, he doesn't want to
deal with it, says that I can forget being paid for it, and
that he wants me to call the county enforcement office off
and that we will 'deal with this ourselves'. Truth of the
matter is, I don't trust him to pay this. I gave him a
request for part of this 6 months ago and he didn't do
anything, so what makes him think that I believe him this
time around?
He wants to cry that he got a DWI and that he is paying an
attorney to get this off of his record (GOOD LUCK!) and
that he doesn't have the money to pay for this other matter
with our son. He tells me that he is going to be 'hounded
for the rest of my life' about this, so I told him the way
to get out of it is just to sign off on his rights to our
son, and he will be done, all this will be washed away!
Not that he would do it, but I wanted to plant the seed.
If he doesn't want to be responsible for our son, then just
sign off, someone else will be responsible! He made me so
angry and so upset just talking to him about it! He went
anywhere from arguing over semantics (not being presented
within 10 days from each medical expense) to stating that
he just doesn't have the money to pay for all this. So
who's at fault here? It's not like I have hid this
information from him! I have told him almost every time he
has gone to the doctor or psychologist, I have talked to
him about the bills time and time again! All he had to do
was make an effort to pay and I would have let it ride. He
didn't communicate with me about why he wasn't paying, he
just evaded the question, saying that we needed to discuss
this later. Well, later has come and gone, it's time to
pay buster!
Then after the emotions of the morning with him, we went
about our business of the day and then we went to Sea
World. Needless to say, it was an awesome time had by all,
and I forgot all about this ugly matter with my ex!
Now that I am back, it's still there, but not nearly as
stressful, what's done is done, and it is up to the courts
now. The other matter that is just nagging at me is that
my 'best friend' from Canada is here, trying to find a way
to be here permanently. She's been here almost a week, and
have I heard from her? Uh, no! Did she contact me first
when she started making the plans to be here? Um, no! She
took a moment to call me 2 days before she left Canada, and
that was it.
I'm really beginning to wonder about the friendship that we
have. It's like I am not nearly as important to her as she
claims I am. I guess time will tell. It seems that she
and Chele are pretty tight right now, and that's all cool,
but I guess there is no longer room for me in that little
clique, or just because I am more family-oriented, the
relationship has changed. I just don't know.
I better go, I gotta get the baby fed and such. I think I
will run my errands this morning so that tonight it is just
about my little man and his counseling.