2004-08-17 00:39:04 (UTC)

Going to the Fair

My Dad called and invited the boys to go to the county fair
on Thursday. I was invited too, but declined. Too hot, too
crowded and much, much too commercial for my taste. There
was an article on this topic in Sunday's newspaper and I
think that, while the changes they've made make it more
likely there will be a fair, it also made it into a fair
people with rural interests wouldn't enjoy nearly as well.
If you like lots of noise, lots of people, carnival rides
and greasy foods the fair is for you. It's not for me.

This means I'll have a very quiet day on Thursday. I'm
really trying to get the celtic cardigan finished but the
heat is slowing me down especially as I'm working on the
back which is heavy and warm. I've ordered the blue wool
for a second sweater and it would be nice to have the first
one almost finished when it arrives. I also ordered a
couple of kits from Jan Patek--Spiced Pumpkin, which is a
wall hanging, and Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers, which is a
full-sized quilt. While I was at it I ordered the backing and
binding fabrics too. Well, that ought to keep me busy
through the rest of the year!
You can see these quilts at
The photo of the Spiced Pumpkin is on her quilt kits page
and the photo of Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers can be seen
in her August notes.